Bob Casino: Who are They in Reality? Cheaters or Diligent Businessmen?

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Bob Casino was discussed on many websites in April last year. At the time, it refused to pay the player almost a million euros. Everything was fine until the player decided to withdraw the money – when he requested the withdrawal, the casino claimed that the winnings were probably obtained in an illegal way and blocked the player’s account.

Controversial situations with players can occur in any casino, and the reaction of the operators in such cases unveils the true “face” of the establishment. The Bob Casino case unveiled the unflattering side of this website. However, the case can be recorded as positive due to the fact that the player was allowed to withdraw his legitimate winnings.

How Does Bob Casino Position Itself?

Personally, we have doubts about the message of this casino. It calls itself the most fun casino, which is far from the truth, in our opinion. It promotes smoking weed by actively presenting it on the website. They even have a support desk icon with a funny high bean.

The operator even writes that Bob is a player who likes smoking a joint. In the screenshot below, this is indicated by the phrase “loves to smoke pot”.

Criticism about positioning is just a personal opinion on how the casino decided to present itself: its image and appearance. However, the inner world of this operator is the same high and hazy – this follows not only from the case of the player who won almost a million euros.

Bob Casino managed to get involved in yet another trouble, and maybe even many others that we are not aware of. In short words, this time there were rumors that they accepted players from the US but did not allow them to withdraw their money. The warning was published on the Casinomeister website, which can be considered a reliable source.

Casinomeister recorded several cases when the operator allowed registration, deposits and losses of players from the US, but when they tried to withdraw the money, they were refused. The reason was that they were supposed not to accept the US players. However, when Casinomeister representatives asked if the players’ deposits would be refunded, the casino didn’t respond, which automatically meant no.

It can be concluded that such a behavior is intentional. Players do not hide their location, so letting them register is a mistake of the casino.

Striking Details of the Million-Worth Issue

The most interesting thing in the case of the player who won almost a million euros is that the casino representatives tried to threaten and put pressure on him. This was done to force him to agree to a smaller amount.

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According to the player, he received a call from a casino representative, who offered 100,000 euros and a car instead of 940,000 euros. If the player agrees, then the money is immediately transferred to him, but if he refuses the offer, they send a request to the game developer and, most likely, find the reason to refuse to pay the winnings.

Who would offer 100,000 euros and a cool car if they think they could have a legitimate reason to refuse to pay almost a million? Nobody would. Therefore, this offer can be taken as a confession that the casino already knew about the legality of the winnings, but simply wanted to buy the player at a cheaper price.

The fact that the player received a phone call rather than a message suggests that the operator did not want to leave traces such as evidence of the conversation. This is what it did later, denying the fact of the call.

How Did the Player Manage to Win That Money?

Most likely, the operator has lost caution due to its greed and began to raise the maximum betting limits for the player. As a result, the threshold went up to 400 euros, and the player was lucky enough to win a huge amount of money.

As we know, sometimes players get very lucky. They hit jackpots or just huge winnings. The examples of big wins can be easily found. It is demonstrated in this article how players sometimes get lucky. As such, it is a huge mistake to raise the limits to such a level where the sudden luck of one player can hit the casino. Operators also need to remember that players can leave as winners, despite the advantage of the casino.

The bitter aftertaste remained after reading about how Bob Casino handled the situation. However, the conclusion was that the justice could be reached after making some noise.