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Written by: , Head of Content May 13, 2023 at 3:25PM
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Player Loses Legal Battle against Online Casino over the Operator’s Refusal to Withdraw Money

A woman went to court against the Dutch casino Jack’s. She played there for four months in 2022, deposited a total of €160,500 and withdrew €196,025 before her account was suspended. €14,996 of the remaining balance was not paid, prompting a legal battle.

The reason to suspend the account was the player’s failure to explain her source of income. She was unemployed and had no income. During the investigation the woman also admitted that her son sometimes deposited money for her, which is prohibited.

Jack’s became suspicious that someone else was playing using her account. And the reason wasn’t just that she didn’t have money to gamble. The casino has a website that is in Dutch, but the woman doesn’t speak this language.

The court ruled that Jack’s had legitimate reasons to suspend the account and refuse to pay the remaining money.