Online Casino Bonuses: Take Them or Not?

Daniel C. White

Any casino you visit offers bonuses (welcome, no deposit, free spins, cashback…). There are exceptions, of course, but extremely rare. You can benefit from bonuses. Players can wager and withdraw money. But you don’t have to take the online casino bonuses: some players prefer to play only with their own money, and they have reasons for that.

Play in Online Casinos Without Bonuses

It is very difficult for beginners to refuse taking the online casino bonuses, because they are not yet aware of the requirements that come with these bonuses. However, the experienced players sometimes refuse bonus money.

Although bonuses seem to be more fun and benefits to play, playing without bonuses provides you freedom due to the absence of wagering obligations. The matter is that when you take a bonus, you agree to a number of conditions, which are usually not so easy to fulfill.

The thoughts about the need to wager bonuses can haunt you during the game. This affects your behavior: more bets, higher bets on certain games. It seems that the casino is manipulating you, dictating what and how actively to play.

Sometimes you may want to just enjoy the game and do not let anything influence your decision about how much to play and to bet. This is freedom – no need to be limited in games, maximum bets, etc.

Play in Online Casinos with Bonuses

On the other hand, bonuses provide additional funds to play for. If you are not striving to be sure to fulfill the wagering requirements and are just spending additional credits for your pleasure, then why not take advantage of the bonuses? Especially considering that there are bonuses that do not require wagering.

No wagering bonuses are very rare. They are not profitable for a casino, so there are even fewer such offers than regular no deposit bonuses. If the player does not need to fulfill any conditions for receiving bonuses, they can be taken without a doubt. It means that you can withdraw all the winnings or use them for playing.

Professional players and bonuses

We mentioned the professional gamer Wild Bill in the article on how to become an expert player. He was saying that you can get an advantage over the establishment due to good bonuses in online casinos. However, you need to surf the Internet in search of suitable offers for this, make your choice and read each paragraph of the rules. This way is for professionals rather than for those who just want to have fun.

Wagering is indeed a big problem, especially for those who are not going to bet much and often. The chance that the conditions will be met is small. For example, the standard wagering requirement is 40x. You deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus. The amount you must bet is $4,000. Let’s say you have 30 days. You are unlikely to be on time if you are going to spend $20 or $100 per week.

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How to refuse taking bonuses?

In most cases, you need to note that you want to get a certain bonus, or enter a special bonus code when replenishing a casino account. However, often bonuses are automatic. You sign up, replenish your account and get bonuses without any questions. What if you don’t want them?

If the bonus rules do not specify in detail what you need to get the bonus, then contact the support service. If it turns out that the bonus is automatically credited to everyone when the account is replenished, you can ask to cancel the bonus. If you have already received it, the support service can remove it.


If you study the wagering requirements, you can imagine how realistic the bonus wagering would be in normal play. This means that you will not play to wager the bonus – instead, you will just play, and it will wager naturally. If you think this is possible and your play will not change from this, then there is nothing wrong in taking the bonus.

However, if you feel that you will not have time to meet the wagering requirements, then it is better to play for your own money and refuse taking the online casino bonuses. For example, if a player does not play regularly and does not make large bets, they agree to bonuses only if enough time is given to wager. The standard is 30 days, but it suits the player better if 90 days are given. Otherwise, the player would be better off playing without bonuses.