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Written by: , Head of Content December 16, 2023 at 5:16PM
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Casino Company Offers a Player from the Netherlands €70,000 to Settle a Lawsuit

An online casino player was offered €70,000 to drop a lawsuit against N1 Interactive. After losing €150,000 a player from the Netherlands filed a lawsuit against the company that operates casinos where he played.  

Those gaming sites had a license, but not the one issued by the Netherland’s KSA. And according to Dutch law, they weren’t allowed to accept players from that country. That’s why the company decided to settle with the player by offering €70,000. But the offer was rejected. 

N1 Interactive manages dozens of gaming projects and has already been in a similar situation not too long ago. Earlier this year the company was ordered to repay a player over €200,000 that he lost.  

The situation was very much similar: a Dutch player demanding his losses back, casinos that had no local license and both even have the same lawyer, Benzi Loonstein.