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Written by: , Head of Content August 26, 2023 at 12:00PM
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Malta Is Under Fire For Protecting Its Gaming Operators From Foreign Judgments

Bill 55, which was signed into law this June, made some European authorities unhappy because it protects Malta licensed gaming operators from foreign judgments. The German gaming regulator (GGL) claims the bill isn’t compatible with EU law and it looks forward to hearing from the European Commission on this matter.

The new law isn’t good for players. They now won’t be able to go to their local court to seek justice. Because a court ruling won’t be recognized by Maltese authorities and therefore won’t be enforced. That means they would spend time and money for nothing.

It’s believed that Bill 55 was introduced in response to German and Austrian courts ordering to reimburse a few players all their losses. These decisions were made because MGA operators provided their services without having local licenses.